Postal service vs. courier service is a debate that has been going on for long in our country. Here in this blog, we attempt at putting all doubts, about which of the two is superior, to rest, once and for all.

In India, posting trade is a government-operated postal system, while courier and parcel delivery services are generally managed and carried out by private firms or bodies. Here are a few key points which will help you understand the reasons which make courier delivery services better than postal services: –

In courier delivery, efficiency is the key

Unlike the postal system, there is no monopoly involved in the courier delivery business. So unless courier delivery firms focus on efficiency, they cannot hope to make their businesses successful. As industries become more multifaceted and complex, the need for delivery services faster than that of postal services was felt, and that’s when the era of courier services dawned upon us.

Hence, be it timely or quick delivery or parcel handling, courier delivery services are known to be seamless.

Quicker and safer transits

At present, courier delivery services are the fastest modes of transporting goods across states or even cross-borders, for that matter. Again, with various courier service providers having gone digital, the quality and efficiency of services offered by them have improved manifold. This has enabled customers in different corners of the country to arrange pick-up and delivery of their items, without stepping out of their houses. Thanks to the internet, customers can now track their orders, check the delivery status and make online payments for the delivery services.

Other benefits of courier delivery services

The advantages of opting for a courier delivery service provider are many: –

  • The chances of misplacement or loss of an item is negligible with a courier delivery company. That’s because utmost care is taken to ensure that all items are safely transported to their delivery locations.
  • It has been noted that in case of postal services, if the recipient of the delivered item has moved or is unavailable at the mentioned address, then the item is sent back to the post office where it stays until reclaimed by the sender. However, in case of courier delivery, things pan out a little differently. In case of a failure to deliver the item, the parcel is generally sent back to the sender.
  • Courier delivery services are a lot more reliable. People can depend on them for timely or urgent deliveries. So, whether it is sending gifts to loved ones in another state or a different country entirely, courier delivery companies take care of it all.
  • Delivery of delicate or fragile items is handled with extra care to ensure their safety throughout the transit.

Time is of the essence, and the modern population is all for quick and efficient services, two things which courier delivery services aptly fulfill.