Shipping charges are the charges incurred while transporting packages or goods from one place to another. The charge is always based on the origin & destination, size & weight of the package, and mode of shipping. Shipping cost is the biggest contributor to expenses for any business. Shipping may seem like a trivial task, but it plays a huge role in the performance of your business and customer satisfaction. It is also a tricky business as you need to plan your whole supply chain management and shipping process in advance. Especially if a business ships packages internationally they need to be aware of the regulations, paperwork, procedures, costs involved, and more.

Entrepreneurs and businesses all around the world keep looking for ways to cut down on shipping costs. Here are some ways that you must consider shortening your shipping bills.

1. Master the art of negotiation

Usually, shipping companies charge according to the volume. If you have a fixed shipping company, you should start negotiating with them, because the more you ship the higher you save.

2. Pack it smart

Packaging plays a vital role in determining the cost of shipping. Choose the smallest possible box to pack your goods and confirm with your international shipping service provider if they charge dimensional weight cost or actual weight cost.

3. Choose the mode of shipping wisely

It is important for you to understand all about different modes of shipping. A deeper understanding of the same will help you make more informed decisions with respect to choosing the mode of shipping. Whether you choose to ship your package via land, air, rail, or water – the cost may vary accordingly.

4. Digital smartness

Most of the shipping service providers these days offer the facility to calculate shipping costs online. Use these shipping calculators to get an estimate and to compare the cost of shipping.

5. Let your carrier pack

When you get your package packed by the shipping service provider, you can avoid the dimensional fee as they pack your shipments according to the set criteria.

6. Consider special services

Many international shipping service providers offer special services that can help the shipper save lots of money. E.g. DTDC has Bulk & Break service that lets the shippers in the UK save money by consolidating their package with family and friends. Make use of such services and save big.

7. Partner with a service provider

If you are a business or a regular shipper, you should partner with a International shipping service provider. When you partner with a carrier they offer you discounts and special shipping rates, partner business can also benefit themselves from 360-degree supply chain solutions that a lot of carriers offer.

In a business or daily life, any money not spent is money saved. By eliminating hidden and unnecessary expenses on shipping you can trim your shipping bills. Learn all about different modes of shipping and stick to a service provider for long-term benefits. With these tips, you will no longer spend any extra penny on shipping.  To know more, log on to