There’s no doubt that unwrapping gifts is the best part of the season. When the whole family gets together, sipping hot cocoa & spreading the holiday cheer, some of us can’t help but think what presents we’ve got under that tree. Unwrapping gifts on Christmas mornings is a tradition that we all look forward to. But a few of us love wrapping presents. Shiny papers, ribbons, glitter, glue & tape are enough to get the holiday excitement going for us. Especially, if you’re an arts & craft geek, it’s a given. It’s a Christmas win-win!

On that note, if you’re in charge of wrapping presents in your house, here are a few tips you can swear by.

1. Get the Dimensions Right
Measure the size of the gift against the wrapping paper. Measure it before you wrap the present. That way you’ll ensure zero wastage of paper & zero wrinkly corners. Moreover, the sides will also turn out to be crisp & neat.

2. Get Double Sided Tape
This is a trick that not many know of. Using double sided tape will keep your ends neat & tidy. Plus, when you use double-sided tape, you don’t rob your wrapping paper of its beauty. To add some extra holiday zing, you can also use decorative tape instead. But make sure to pick designs/patterns and colours that compliment your wrapping paper.

3. When in Doubt, Use Bubble Wrap!
It’s quite annoying when you don’t get a box or a container to place your gift in, especially when they are fragile. But worry not! Bubble wrap comes to the rescue! Wrap your gift in a comfy layer of bubble wrap before you use the wrapping paper. When you have gifts in unusual shapes & sizes, go the bubble wrap way! It will fall perfectly into the shape of your present!

4. Let the ribbons roll!
Not everyone makes an extra effort to add ribbons to a present. When they do, treasure them for life. Ribbons breathe life into the art of gift wrapping. Even if you were to wrap your present in plain brown paper, add a ribbon to it. Voila! Your gift is a class apart. Refer to tutorials on how you can best use ribbons. If not satin, you can make your own with recycled material!

5. Get your toolkit out
Before you start wrapping, get your tools in one place. Make sure to assemble the following tools – wrappers, double-sided tape, ribbons, sharp scissors, glitter/glue gun & other embellishments. Maybe a snack can also help. You know, just in case you get hungry!

6. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper
If you enjoy arts & crafts, then make your own wrapping paper! Moreover, it does add a personal touch to the gift. Alternatively, enlist your nieces & nephews, and even the kid next door. Make a crafts party out of it! You can make it with recycled paper, cloth, & even old sweaters.

7. Experiment with styles
If you have the time, check out new methods of wrapping. For starters, there is the wine bottle wrap, which is quite easy. Or try the Furoshiki Gift Wrap – it’s just plain picnic cloth & various knots. Take things up a notch with the Japanese Pleats method. It’s clean, classy & elegant.
Try adding new elements to the mix. Like knit cloth, beads, shells or even origami. Wrapping gifts is a form of art, so express yourself. Celebrate the holiday season with DTDC. You wrap the gifts. We’ll deliver. How far can love travel? Leave it to us. Know more here DTDC