Raksha Bandhan or more popularly known as Rakhi is a Hindu festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan holds immense significance in India. As a ritual, on this festival, the sister ties a sacred thread around her brother’s wrist, which symbolises the love between the siblings. Gifts play a prominent role and signify as tokens of love and affection. Every year siblings rack their brains for an excellent gift idea. Zeroing down on a perfect gift for your sibling that they will love is a strenuous process. It becomes even more complex if you are living miles away and want to send something to your sibling that expresses your love for them. But don’t let distance come in between your love for your siblings, to make this tedious process a bit easier, we are presenting some innovative and delightful gift ideas for your brother or sister.

Jewellery is something that lasts forever and is also considered auspicious. Jewellery is a great gift for the sibling who loves fashion. It certainly sounds expensive, but you may not spend a bomb for this. A small pendant or a ring would be sufficed to make your brother/sister smile.

Polaroid Camera
For the sibling who loves clicking picture, this will be a brilliant gift idea. Gift them a Polaroid camera and let them capture all the beautiful moments.

Kitchen equipment
If your sibling loves to cook, gift them some kitchen equipment that can make their cooking sessions a breeze. It is always good to encourage hobbies, and especially the hobbies that lead to gastronomical pleasures. You can buy things like baking equipment, a fancy mixer, a set of knives, etc.

Spa session
For the siblings who work really hard, a little relaxation and rejuvenation would be ideal. Pamper your sibling with love on this day. Gift them a spa voucher that lets them enjoy the services that they want.

An online shopping gift card
The distance doesn’t give you the liberty to take your sibling out for shopping and spoil them? Well, don’t be disheartened. You can gift them an online shopping gift card and let them choose their own gift. Best gift idea for the sibling who is hard to shop for.

Take the DIY approach this Raksha Bandhan and make something for your sibling. It could be a simple greeting card or a photo collage but it will definitely make your sibling happy. After all, it’s not the cost of the gift that matters but the thought.

If your sibling loves and enjoys reading, there can’t be a better gift for them. Whether it’s a fictional adventure to a mystical land, a biographical lesson from the history, or something entirely different, a book makes for the perfect gift that can spark curiosity and open opportunities.

A holiday
If you want to splurge on your sibling, the ideal option would be to gift them a holiday. Buy them a holiday package to the destination they’ve been wanting to go and they will remember it for a lifetime. Because there is no better gift than a gift of beautiful memories.