A new country to discover. A new college to fuel your dreams. New people to meet, and new cultures to learn from. A new life, filled with opportunities, waiting to be embraced. Paints quite a rosy picture of a life as a student abroad, right?

But more often than not, a lot of all the ‘new’ things that you’d dreamt of can in fact be quite overwhelming. Sometimes, in a sea of new faces, all you need is a few familiar ones to help you to adjust to life. A friend to guide you, a friend you can lean on, and most importantly, a friend who understands. Truly, as a student abroad, a fellow country-man can make all the difference. A friend from home.

So if you all can share notes and split dinner bills, why not share the cost for shipping too? Turns out, there’s special new facility that helps you do exactly that. Introducing, Bulk & Break.

What’s Bulk & Break?
Bulk & Break is a cool new way to help students from the same country send parcels back home or to university by splitting the costs between the group. This way, every person gets to enjoy the benefits and price of bulk logistics.

How does it work?
The students get to pool their packages as one large-individual bulk parcel. The bulk-parcel gets treated as one unit, which enables swifter custom clearance. It also means less paperwork and less handling-costs; ensuring that the cost per head is significantly lower. A win-win situation for everybody.

But how are the shipments deconsolidated?
The group can assign one of their member’s house as the drop-off point, from where all individual shipments can be collected. They can also choose to have each of the individual shipments to be further delivered to corresponding addresses. The full control lies with the sender.

So the next time you’re thinking of sending home chocolates to your sister on her birthday, or planning to write a letter to your parents; don’t think twice. Think Bulk & Break instead, and save money on shipping for yourself and your entire squad!

Need help with the booking? Reach out to DTDC, and reach out to another friend. Help us help you by making sure that you get the best options available when it comes to shipping abroad. After all, that’s what good friends are for.