Logistics is a complex job but when all processes are in place it could also turn out to be one of the most satisfying jobs. Alike any other business, employees are the real asset for logistics industry too. Logistics industry demands a high level of discipline and teamwork making it vital for logistics staff to feel happy at work and get on well with their colleagues. Here are ten ways to motivate logistics staff.

  1. State clear goalsEnsure that all staff members are aware and responsible for their goals. Unclear job roles often leave employees confused and demotivated at work.
  2. Praise publicly – We all like to be praised for our job. So, praising a staff member in front of their peers will certainly boost their self-esteem. It will also give them and the others the confidence that their hard work does get noticed and appreciated.
  3. Awards and titlesAlike public praises, it is important to acknowledge the efforts of your employee with awards and titles. If someone has done a great job, an exceptional work card can be filled in by their colleague that can be read out at team meetings to motivate the employee who received it. If a team member plays cricket, he can be given a prize related to cricket like a kit or a ticket for an on-going tournament etc.
  4. Rotational shift work – If the working hours of your logistics company spill outside the regular nine to six slot or if your company works all the seven days of the week, then it is necessary to introduce a structure that will equally distribute odd shifts among all employees. This will bring in a sense of equality among all staff members. At the same time, there should be the provision of flexibility to accommodate any shift changes at the request of an employee.
  5. Team outings and get-togethers – Working together is vital for logistics companies. So, invest on regular staff get-togethers like an adventure camp, movie outing, day trip to a resort etc. Such activities will create a happy, sociable and productive workplace.
  6. Celebrate employee birthdays and work anniversaryIt is always pleasant to receive wishes from your boss and team leaders on your birthday. Also, in a professional sphere, work anniversary of a fellow colleague may be a motivating factor for others to continue being in the team.
  7. Health and well-being – Health has a direct impact on productivity and performance. A job in logistics industry can be highly demanding and stressful. Thus, regular health checks, health and safety awareness program, and regular breaks and time off are essential for logistics staff.
  8. Focus on growthRedundancy can be one of the biggest reasons for demotivation among employees. It is required to ensure that each member of the team is provided with a growth chart and that there are regular reviews to check their competency.
  9. Training – Training not only hones one’s skill but it also opens up avenues to learn something new. Training also makes the employees feel that you are concerned about their development and hence ready to invest in such program.
  10. Stand by your teamAt the end of a hectic day, all that your team looks forward to is you standing by them during odds and evens. This gives the entire team immense motivation to return back to work the next day.

Happy and motivated employees result in an active and productive work environment. Thus, recognize the contribution of each team member and ensure that you value their work and commitment. Remember money isn’t always a motivator, so give your employees a platform for overall growth in their career.