Globally, trucking industry plays a significant role in trading business. And, it won’t be wrong to say that a nations trading business will come to a halt without trucks. Despite this, it is often seen that the efforts of truckers go unnoticed and this segment of workers rarely receive any appreciation. Here are few reasons why all of us need to respect and appreciate the work of truck drivers.

  1. Trucks are a lifeline for trade and economy : More than 80% of all goods , raw material or manufactured goods ranging from food to construction material are transported through trucks. Among all the modes of transportation, trucks share in freight movement can be considered as the highest. Trucks are a mode of transport for local movements as well as cross-country freight. There is hardly any sector of the country’s economy that does not require the service of the trucking industry. Agriculture, manufacturing, fuel, food, retail, banking, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, waste disposal, and many others all depend on trucking industry for the survival of their business. This makes it evident how important is the role of truck drivers.
  2. Being a truck driver is a tough job : From the comforts of our home, we can hardly gauge the demands of a truck a driver. On an average, a truck driver covers more than a lakh kilometre on road. They spend more than three-fourth of the entire year away from their home and dear ones. This also means they are deprived of simple comforts such as a home cooked meal or a bed. These sacrifices of truck drivers definitely deserve appreciation.
  3. Truck drivers job is dangerous : It goes without saying that spending so much time on the road automatically increases the risk of untoward incidents. Almost every day, an incident of truck accident is reported all across the country. Road safety measures, regulations, and modern safety technologies do make a difference to an extent but the amount of time and lack of adequate resting facilities contribute to truck accidents.
  4. Without trucks, everything stops : The headlines of all newspapers after a truck strike reads almost same, Crores of loss due to two-day long truck  strike, Businesses hit as trucks remain off roads for the second consecutive day” and the like. And all these headlines speak the real scenario when trucks stop moving. It is estimated that if trucks stopped moving, there would be serious shortages of food, medicines, cash in ATMs and bank branches, fuel in gas stations in a span of two or three days. In addition, there will be nobody to clear the trash you generate.

Truck drivers play a very crucial role in all our lives. It’s necessary to appreciate their work rather than turning a blind eye and taking their efforts for granted. And for this, we must always respect them, their professional and personal time, and honesty. We must ensure that they are paid fairly, and have adequate access to facilities like canteen, coffee, washroom, dormitories or lodges, and the like. Remember, if trucks stop, everything will stop!