Having to receive millions of package each day, it becomes humanly impossible for courier companies to pay individual attention to each unit. Like it or not, this results in rough handling of packages during transit. And this is the case at transit points of every courier company. Hence, as a sender, you must take the onus on yourself to ensure a damage-proof delivery i.e. to pack it right. Here is a quick guide to help you know how to pack a fragile item for safe delivery.

  1. Wrap – Fragile item could range from glass collectibles, ornaments, picture frames, ceramic decorative, electronic goods, or anything that is prone to damage or breaking. Hence, it is a must to wrap your content with a cushioning material like bubble wrap, inflatable air bags, polystyrene chips, or engineered foam enclosures. If the item comprises of multiple pieces then each piece must be wrapped separately. Each wrapping must be tightly sealed with masking tapes. This kind of covering will secure your content from any kind of damage caused due to shock or vibration.
  1. Box – A high-quality heavy duty box with double or triple corrugated walls proves to be ideal for fragile items. It is also important to select an appropriate box or outer cover that is not too big or not too small for the item to be sent. In addition, choose to always pad up the box to ensure a snug fit, rather than allowing your item to rattle around in the empty space of the box. Ensure that the outer cover is free from any kind of rips and tears, and for this, it is better to opt for a new box than using an old one.
  1. Pack – If you are packing a single item then place the item in the centre of the box and add paddings to fill up the empty spaces. But, if you are packing multiple items, then separate each unit with cardboard dividers and place them all as close to the centre as possible.  Use foam packing peanuts to fill corners, small spaces within the box including the top part of the box to provide additional shock absorption during transit.
  1. Seal – Once you have securely placed the fragile item inside the box, seal the package tightly with high-quality tapes such as polypropylene or brown plastic tape, vinyl adhesive tape, or duct tape. Remember to provide extra sealing in the corners, edges, and on the opening flaps of the outer cover.
  2. Label – Write the receiver’s address and contact number correctly and legibly on top of the package, along with contact details of the sender or return to address. Use a Fragile sticker, to notify the shipping company that your package contains delicate items and thus requires being handled with extra care.
  1. Insure – Though courier companies ensure safe and secure delivery of packages, in the hindsight, it is always better to cover your package that allows you to select a compensation amount in the event of any untoward incidence.
  1. Delivery speed – While sending fragile items it is best to choose the speediest delivery service to minimise the time your parcel spends in transit. This is because the probability of damage reduces with reduced transit time. Also, the faster your package reaches its destination the sooner you will be relieved. Hence, opting for a same-day delivery or one-day delivery service over regular three to four days delivery would be a wiser choice.

By following these simple and practical steps, you can ensure a safe delivery of your valued fragile items.