We have all heard of or experienced shipping woes – from damaged parcels to missing goods. Though parcel delivery companies are responsible for careful delivery of shipments, as a sender, you too have the duty to protect your parcels from such mishandling. And the best way to achieve this is to make sure your packaging is perfect. Agreed that different goods require different kinds of packaging techniques and some are harder to pack than others, but there are ways in which you can handle the most difficult types of packages with ease.

Pack according to the content

This is the foremost rule you should follow. Find out what are the best packaging solutions for the kind of goods you want to ship. For instance, if you are sending a TV or any device with a screen, you should use a foam cover to protect the screen. If it’s items like bottles, wine, or body lotions that you are shipping, you should pack each product individually and surround each bottle with ample cushioning.

Use strong boxes

To protect your shipment from getting damaged, it’s important that you use rigid boxes that can withstand considerable pressure. It is because the carrier might put boxes or parcels heavier than yours on top of your box, so it needs to be strong. The strength of your carton is usually written on it. Read it carefully before using it for packing your stuff. At the same time, make sure it is lightweight. Otherwise, you will end up paying heavy charges due to the weight of your parcel.

Ensure adequate internal cushioning

Many a time, we are in such a hurry that we simply put the item inside the box and fill it with paper, wood shavings, and similar shipping fillers. But this does not give enough protection to your goods. Always put a layer of padding around the item and gently shake the box to ensure that it does not move. Be extra careful if you are shipping fragile items.

Seal properly

This is another important step that many of us ignore. Use a strong adhesive tape at least 38mm wide to seal the carton. It’s better if you use a parcel tape instead of a household one. Apply the tape along the length of the flaps and along the ends to seal the carton. If you are shipping a heavy item, bind the carton with plastic strapping to secure it tightly.

Label correctly

Always be careful while labelling your parcel, particularly if you are shipping fragile items like glass, china, or crockery. Use a marker or a sticky tape with the word ‘Fragile’ to ensure that the courier company handles it with extra care. You can also use pre-printed boxes for this purpose.

Sending an item securely is a shared responsibility. While courier companies do their best, follow these five handy tips to ensure the safe delivery of your goods.