At the first instance, courier and parcel delivery services may appear same. However, when you look at the functionality there indeed are differences between the two. The main differences are seen in cost, delivery, packing, insurance, and added services. When compared parcel delivery is cheaper than courier service. Logistics in parcel delivery plays a significant role. Here your parcel will be collected from specified location and will be transported to the company’s central hub for sorting. The parcels are sorted based on destinations or zones and accordingly loaded into specific vans to be shipped. It is important to label your parcel legibly with proper address and pin code so that it becomes easier during the sorting process and your parcel is not left for later sorting. As your parcel will be handled by a number of people during the transaction at various places, it is advisable to wrap it well with a bubble wrap or a sturdy box or use multiple layers of wrapping paper to avoid wear and tear. Even though most parcel delivery companies are insured, there is no harm to spend a little extra to get a more comprehensive cover to ensure security in an unforeseen instance of loss or damage to your package.

Parcel delivery is indeed cost-effective and speedy in transporting your packages, but it is important to note that it is not suitable for every kind of items. It is better to opt for a courier company when you want to send something fragile, and valuable. Courier service will cost you more than parcel service but your package will be handled more effectively and efficiently with the likelihood of door-to-door delivery without any transit depots. This reduces the chances of loss or damage. Having said that, it is still advisable to pack, label, and insure your package for timely and safe delivery.

So, make your choice of either parcel service or courier service depending on the type and destination of the package that you want to send.