Ever since the online boom, customers have found a variety of reasons to divert all or most of their activities towards a virtual platform. We shop for clothes and groceries; book our flights, hotels, and even movie tickets online. With a whole lot of work happening on the web, it’s a surprise that many people opt to personally book their courier services. Why call a representative, explain the details, and actually wait on the other end of the line for a quote, when it could be done in a much simpler manner?

As with all other processes, booking your packages online comes with its fair share of advantages. A number of well-established logistics companies have an interactive online platform that lets you eliminate needless procedures and help save time. All you need to do is visit the website and make an e-booking. This consists a few simple steps such as entering

  • the location of pickup
  • the delivery location
  • details such as weight, length, breadth of the parcel
  • the nature of the product
  • and contact details

It’s that simple!

With most standard courier services, you can get an estimated quote before confirming the order. This gives you the liberty to browse through other service providers and make your choice based on what’s most feasible.

Another good reason to book your couriers online – paperless documentation. You can easily forgo paperwork and have the booking done right away. Once you receive the tracking number, checking in on your parcel in real-time will be extremely easy. Of course, these facilities will largely depend on the kind of service provider you’ve chosen. The more established the organization is, the better will their services and features be. As with opting for any form of service, we recommend that you thoroughly research various competitors. Online forums and customer reviews are a good place to begin with.

Moving on, making your payments online is another hassle-free option that most individuals consider. Paying with a credit card certainly has its share of benefits. Based on your credit package, you can also earn a cashback. Most credit cards will have the option of an interest-free credit limit. And moreover, paperless payment is a convenient method as opposed to carrying cash and arranging for change.

Given the above input, how would you choose to book your next courier? Will you take the online route and give yourself the benefit of a hassle free booking process? We certainly hope so.