With companies across different sectors coming forward to do their bit to save the environment, can courier companies be far behind? Parcel delivery services companies are waking up to the threats to the planet posed by pollution and are embracing a set of measures to reduce their impact on the environment. These are some ways in which courier companies can become more eco-friendly.

Use alternative fuel vehicles

Carbon emission is one of the main culprits behind environmental pollution. To cut down their carbon footprint, the delivery system of courier companies has to go green. That’s why many courier companies now use alternative fuel vehicles like cars that run on biodiesel to deliver parcels and cargo.

Use electric vans

Electric cars are another alternative. Though a bit expensive than regular vans, they are cost-effective in the long and does not emit harmful pollutants as well.

Cycle couriers

Instead of cars and vans, cycle courier delivery men can parcel documents and small packages to the given destination. This method of delivery is particularly suitable in cities with narrow or congested roads. Cycle couriers are quite popular in London.

Trains instead of roads

Using trains for transport of freight is an old but proven method. This not only saves time and money but also allows larger cargo to be transported from one place to another.


By using recycled materials for packaging parcels and cargo, courier service can lend their hand to save the planet. They can reduce the prices of recycled packaging to attract customers to opt for this option. Some courier companies also send online receipts of payment instead of hard copies to reduce the use of paper.

Energy efficient warehouses

Parcel delivery companies often have warehouses to store parcels, cargo, and freight. They can reduce their impact on the environment by choosing eco-friendly ones. They can opt for warehouses that have installed smart electricity and gas meters and are designed to allow ample natural light to limit energy wastage.

Other green initiatives

Courier companies can spend a part of their earnings in financing environmental projects such as afforestation initiatives, potable water projects and the like.

Measures such as these would go a long way in making our earth greener. With more parcel delivery services companies going green to reduce their carbon footprint, this sector’s contribution towards saving the environment has become noteworthy, but more needs to be done to protect the environment.