We always think twice before sending something valuable in a freight. There are many concerns such as those about handling and water damage, tampering, and even theft. One category of the freight that requires extra care and security are the important, confidential documents and valuable items. And this category of freight certainly requires something additional to the regular packaging. Paying heed to this requirement, many courier companies, and online marketers use tamper evident courier bags that provide extra protection for your valuable items. So, what are these special category bags? Tamper evident courier bags are thick and high strength opaque packets that cannot be opened unless enough effort is applied which indicates tampering. These bags come with many benefits such as:

1. Serial numbering and bar coding aids in classification and storage of packages during the entire journey of the freight
2. The side slits of these bags are secured with double sealing for extra safety
3. After the contents are inserted, the tamper evident bags are sealed with void tapes. Hence, for instance if somebody tries to open the bag it will provide evidence of tampering
4. These bags come with an extra transparent jacket that is helpful for inserting consignment notes and bills
5. Tamper evident bags can be used only once, so there is no question of reuse or decreased security
6. These bags can be used for personal and business purposes and are very useful for a safe and secure couriering especially of valuable items like confident documents, business collateral, cash, personal possessions etc.
7. If the requirement is large, these bags can be customised to fulfil the need of specific printing like company name, logo, etc., along with different sizes for each category of commodities

With the above-mentioned safety, security, and customised features associated to tamper evident courier bags, these bags are a safe bet to be used by any courier company or online marketer. These bags will to a large extent reduce the tension of the customer and the service provider when the freight is in transit. And this will potentially increase customer reliability and credibility toward the courier or online service provider.