The question is not as simple as they both primarily focus on delivering goods from point A to point B. So what’s the difference? The answer lies in the approach or the mechanism in which they function. The process of delivery also makes a lot of difference between the two. Freight Forwarding service involves the transfer of goods which happens through several hands till the times the product reaches its final destination. The Freight forwarding companies have various associated transportation companies who work in sync to deliver goods. These companies create a seamless plan to make businesses reach out to their customers, thereby increasing sales and success for the business.

Freight Forwarding companies usually deal with multinational deliveries, whereas Courier Services companies equally focus on domestic and international deliveries. Freight Forwarding companies are best suited for business who have a wide-range of products that need to be delivered.

It’s important to note that Freight Forwarding companies don’t deliver the goods by themselves. They have multiple associated logistics companies who engage in door-to-door deliveries. Freight Forwarders meticulously plan each delivery through their partner concerns. These associate companies specialize in delivering goods through land, air, road, and rail. Hence, the infrastructure of Freight Forwarders determines their credibility.
Most multinational companies only produce the product and do not handle deliveries by themselves. This is due to the quantum of logistics involved alongside their vast range of products. Then come Freight Forwarding companies. They act like middlemen and help these multinational companies deliver their goods to the desired destination.

They even plan legalities behind the transportation such as customs, international import & export issues, billing, tracking, reporting, and accounting for every piece of the shipment. Freight Forwarders provide hassle-free international shipment across borders. They plan and track the client’s transportation needs and determine the best possible and fastest route for shipment. To sum it up: Freight Forwarders provide a transparent logistics solution to multinational agencies who require a simple solution for their transportation needs.

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